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As health and wellness professionals, you trust us daily to care for you and enhance your overall well-being. At this time, we've temporarily suspended operation of our spas in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Liberty Township. We're hopeful that this temporary suspension will last not last long. We are monitoring the situation daily and will provide updates as the situation changes.

Last year, thanks to your loyalty, we were able to start an emergency fund. We were inspired to do this after witnessing how some of the hurricanes affected the team members at our sister spas in Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas. We call it the "Get Each Other's Back" fund because it's catchy and it aligns with our core value to always get each other's back. We've been slowly contributing to this fund over the last year and will use it to support any team members in need. The fund will be distributed on a need-based emergency basis.

We are immediately taking 30% of online gift card sales from now until April 1st (and maybe longer) and putting that portion in the emergency fund. We'll then distribute 50% of it to our team based on hours worked, and use the other 50% for need-based emergencies. If there is no need, we'll distribute the remaining 50% to the team once this mess is over.

Both our business and our team would appreciate your support. If you want to help you can:

We'll be monitoring email (cincinnati@woodhousespas.com), checking phone messages every day, and you can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Remember, calmness is contagious; please continue to care for your and your family's well-being, both physically and mentally, during your time at home. 

Thank you again for your loyalty and for trusting us with your care. I assure you that we will be here to continue that care once it is deemed safe to do so.

Stay well,
Chris Mann
The Woodhouse Day Spa - Cincinnati, Dayton and Liberty Township



When visiting The Woodhouse, please feel free to use either our underground garage or the large gravel lot across from our parking garage entrance. There is also ample parking in the Montgomery public parking lot behind Forno Restaurant. If you need assistance finding parking, you can always ask a Spa Concierge who is happy to assist.


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